There are not enough good things I could say about Ben. It only made sense to keep him as my financial advisor, even when I moved out of province. His many years of knowledge in the industry shine through and his expertise are greatly appreciated in my household. Highly recommend Ben for any of your financial needs.

Taylor Vogel, Alberta

To say I am more than satisfied with Ben Davies service would be a discredit to him. His knowledge and expertise has saved me countless hours of frustration and saved me an untold amount of money in lost opportunities. He and his staff were always very prompt, always professional, and quite frankly always spot on with their advice. Money well spent which would have cost me considerably more than any other financial planner I’ve dealt with in the past. Couldn’t give high enough marks or provide enough of a glowing recommendation that would due them justice. Well done and thanks Ben and staff for all that you do. Continued success, as I know you will have.

Greg St. Croix, Ontario

I have been a client of Ben since before he opened his own business. From the start, I have appreciated the care he has for us in dealing with us, and our portfolio. Ben is an honest and true friend, as well as a fine financial advisor. I appreciate the way he is in this business for the long term, and all of his clients are encouraged to do the same. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Ben’s office to anyone.

Martin Davies, Comox

As fate would have it, I was meant to get hooked up with Ben and his knowledge as a Financial Advisor. During the late 1999’s my previous advisor in another office moved and as a result my file was handed to Ben. I was so pleased and comfortable with his concern for my financial future that I followed him when he also moved and went into his own office. I have enjoyed his friendship, knowledge, concern about his clients during some rough times on the markets and his ever so steady attitude to stick with and ride out the rough times. It is a comfort to get frequent communication during good and not so good market times. I never feel neglected or left alone to figure all this financial world out on my own. Ben and Pauline certainly go the extra mile, I thank you both for that.

Colleen Boudreau, Courtenay

We came to Ben for a comparison with our then current advisor’s management and were very surprised at how different…..and much better, things could be. Ben and Pauline have put up with us as they and we tried to sort out our incredible financial situation never making us seem we were bothering them and yet we know we took an inordinate amount of their time for several years. Thank you both most sincerely.

Jim & Colleen Malek, Courtenay

Ben Davies Financial has provided us with nothing less than professional, friendly, easy to understand financial advice. From the moment Pauline greets you when you walk in, to the moment Ben sits down with you in his office, you feel comfortable and confident in the services provided by BDFP.

Brandi Lucas & Kevin Daugherty, Courtenay

My account is not large but my experience makes me feel that it is. I have always received a courteous and prompt replies to any enquiries phrased in simple and understandable language. I also know any advice I am given is given with my financial well-being in mind.

Tom Morgan, Courtenay

Personalized service, small niche client base, great knowledge and connection with clients. Great track record.

Jim Gordon, Courtenay

Ben & Pauline care about working with their clients not just for them.

Mark & Danielle Duncan, Comox

Integrity is not a word to be thrown around lightly, but Ben has it in spades. Rather than write about him, I’d be happier to talk to a prospective client (face to face or over the phone) to list the reasons why we feel we’re lucky to have him as our financial advisor and friend.

Dave & Julie Brooker, Comox