Hi everyone,

Wow it’s hot and dry!  For those of us in BC, we’ve had nearly three months without any significant rainfall.  Check out this link to the BC Drought Information Portal for more information on the current situation.  I came across this interesting article on the recent ‘heat’ on the Guardian.  It certainly puts my own ‘it’s hot’ complaints into perspective.

Interest rates are up again over the last month or so.  Hopefully we’re close to the end of increases.  All inflation sectors, with the exception of shelter, are down significantly.  Typically, the Fed and the BoC are always late to both entering and exiting the interest rate game.  Hopefully both can shelve their ‘egos’ and admit they don’t need to keep increasing rates.

Terran is now our fearless leader!  We’ll have additional updates in the coming few months but for now nothing too much has changed.  Our website ( has had a small update to reflect the changes and we’ll be adding the monthly newsletters to the site as well.  Please feel free to share this or bookmark it for future reference.

Our back office partner, Aligned Capital Partners, just completed a data conversion about a week ago.  While this really doesn’t have an impact on clients, there are two main changes.  Firstly, online portfolio access has had a few changes and requires a new login.  Secondly, for those of you who like to deposit money via online banking there are a few minor changes.  For both of these issues, please contact Michelyne to get updated information.

Enjoy the sunshine!


Michelyne, Terran & Ben