February blahs….

I don’t know about you but I am ready for some sun and spring!  Only another month or so until the clocks change (hopefully for the last time) and we get some light back in the evenings.

Our survey results are coming in and we should have the results tabulated in a few weeks.  The big task will be to decide how to act on the great feedback we’re seeing.  Thanks again for your thoughts.

For those of you making RRSP contributions, please note that the deadline for tax year 2022 is 1 March ’23.  The easiest way to make contributions is through online banking.  If you have questions about how to do that please contact Michelyne.

Tax time is just around the corner.  Please remember that tax slips are still coming out so don’t file too early.  On another similar note, CRA typically does not have accurate TFSA contribution room figures until early March as many financial institutions can’t report until early February.  If you plan to top up your TFSA, I suggest waiting for another six weeks or so.

Random thoughts:

  • There are a number of tax changes coming up this year.  For a quick summary of some of the key points, check out this CBC article.
  • I stumbled across this incredible story of a man whose talent for manipulating documents saved thousands of lives during WWII.
  • Here’s one to stump your friends:  With which country does France share its longest common border?
  • What a guy!  Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, requested that his compensation package be cut by 40% after share-holders raised hell due to Apple’s poor 2022 stock performance.  They yelled, Tim listened.  He’ll only receive a paltry $49 million USD in compensation – time to tighten that financial belt!
  • For all of us who’ve noticed an increase in local traffic over the last few years just be thankful you’re not living in Chicago.  Imagine – 155 hours in traffic…that’s six and a half days!!

Have a great February!



PS – answer: Brazil!  French Guiana in South America is a territory of France, and its border with Brazil is longer than mainland France’s border with any European country.