For me, November is a big month! Lots of birthdays, Remembrance Day and the eventual transition to the Christmas season. This year it seems like we went from summer to winter in a matter of a week – we’re in November already!!

This Fall, I’ve had a lot of meeting with clients who are working through estate planning issues. One of the discussions that arises regularly is the concept of ‘Dying with Zero‘ – you can read more in the article. While I don’t think one can plan to die with precisely zero dollars, the concept is a good one. If you’d like to discuss it just let us know.

Some additional notes:

  • Extra RESP contributions (top ups or lump sums) should be made by early December to ensure we get the grant applications filed. Please contact Michelyne if you have questions or need assistance.
  • We will be finalizing RRSP / RRIF drawdowns in the coming few weeks. Most are done but we’ll be in touch with a few of you on this topic.
  • There are some good opportunities in the markets right now so if you have any spare cash on hand and want to invest it just give us a call.
  • If you need a smile, watch this dog jump into some piles of leaves – pure joy!!
  • After a COVID-induced hiatus, our Christmas party is back in action! We look forward to seeing you at the office on Thursday, December 15th starting at 3pm.

Michelyne, Terran & Ben


Thank you…
As always, we appreciate the referrals you’ve directed our way. We do our best to assist them with their financial planning. Thank you.