October has arrived and for many of us that means the start of a new NHL season!  Our teams are off to a fresh start, full of promise and potential.  Could this be the year of the Canucks?  My Dad says he has one major wish left in life and that is to see them win a cup before he dies!!

By now many of us will know the code name for the Queen’s funeral plan – Operation London Bridge.  An extremely complicated set of templates, it nonetheless helped execute a plan.  Do you have your own plan?  An estate plan will help execute your wishes when you die and may include specific instructions and wishes, certain legal documents, insurance and funeral arrangements.  Having documents in good order, reviewing them on a somewhat regular basis (I recommend bi-annually) and communicating your wishes to loved ones are all part of your personal Operation London Bridge.  Let us know if you need help.

For those of you of suitable age and tax bracket, we’ll be starting our annual RRSP / RRIF drawdown recommendations over the coming few weeks.  We will send an introductory email and then a ‘recommendation’ email shortly thereafter.  Keep your eyes peeled.

Interest rates continue to bounce around and I think they’ll be another couple adjustments through the rest of the year.  As Churchill noted “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”  Interest rates are inextricably tied to the economy and inflation.  We typically see a “lag” effect when rates change so although we have started to see the impact on inflation (e.g. house & fuel prices) recent rate increases will not really start to ‘kick-in’ until several months from now.

Something which we’re following closely at the office is the travel market.  This sector experiences a lag effect too as travel is often booked well in advance of payment.  The travel sector was one of the most severely impacted by COVID and it is just starting to rebound.  Bookings are up across several sub-sectors (airlines, hotels, cruises etc.)  I believe this will continue over the coming months and eventually revenue generated from these sales increases will hit the financial reporting and the stock prices will follow suit.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving season and all the best to you and your family members.