I’m a bit late with this update but I’ll blame it on the last few days of summer!  Here we are in September – a month of change and new opportunities for the school kids!  It turns out that we have an opportunity as well!  One of our clients, Massey Electric, just nominated us for Best Financial Planner in the Valley which was very kind and most unexpected.  If you want to vote for us (shameless self-promotion!) or check out other nominated companies, please click here.

If there is one thing that I dislike handling it is passwords.  Changing them, remembering them, having more than one for the same site – such a PITA!!  I’ve used a number of password managers over the last number of years including 1Password, Last Pass, and the built-in Chrome and Safari versions but none have proven to be overly useful.  Finally, about a year ago I started using DASHLANE and it has been excellent.  I can remotely (and automatically) change passwords, generate new extremely strong passwords, share and manage passwords with other people, monitor Dark Web activity and more all for a very reasonable cost.  For more info, check it out here.

Here is a quick office schedule for the Fall.

  • RRSP / RRIF drawdowns; we’ll be in touch in October / November for those to whom this applies.
  • October newsletter: some comments on interest rates and more
  • Year end tax tips via email later this year.
  • Christmas party: after a long delay we’re back in business – save the date for our annual Christmas festivities:  Thurs, Dec. 15th (3-6pm)
Enjoy the Fall and let us know if you need any help or have any questions.

Michelyne, Terran and Ben