School’s out for summer….

No more pencils. No more books!  Alice Cooper’s famous lyrics are echoing around the province as summer holiday starts for many!  I hope through July and August you are going to be out and about enjoying a post-COVID summer.  Most of us are ready for it!

Markets, interest rates and inflation are all volatile right now.  We’ll probably see a few more interest rate bumps over the coming few months.  These increases are having an effect as real estate is starting to slow and inflation is beginning to peak.  It will be interesting to see how these changes pan out over the coming months.  I’m preparing a summary report on a variety of topics which I will have out soon.

On the work front, we’ve had a number of clients (especially grand-parents) using insurance to transfer wealth.  The policy has life insurance value, generates dividends, can be used as collateral for loans and may be assigned to the child when s/he reaches the age of majority.  If you want more information, just let us know.

Access to healthcare is a hot topic these days so here is some good news!  Kristie Kelly has just opened a new physio clinic in her beautiful home and is accepting new patients.  Kristie has a different focus than many physios as she only deals with one patient at a time and her appointment times are one hour in length.  She’s been a registered physiotherapist since 2005 and is a Titleist Performance Institute Medical Level 2 certified therapist so you’re in luck if you’re a golfer!!  For more information, please contact Kristie @ Drive Physiotherapy

With the summer weather here, lots of people are out for a bike ride.  My Dad, brother and I all have Rad Power bikes and they are fantastic.  If you’re looking at e-bikes, check out Rad here and get a discount.