Are we there yet?  I’m not referring to road trips but summer!  Wow has it been cold and rainy.  I’m ready for some heat!

Speaking of heat, inflation is heating up.  Food prices have gone / are going crazy.  Interest rates are increasing which is having an effect on floating rate loans and mortgages.  Fuel prices – forget about it!  If you are curious about price of gas per litre around the world, check out this site – just change the currency to CAD in order to compare our prices to countries around the world.  I’m glad I’m not in Hong Kong…$3.75 per litre!!  The only thing cooling is the housing market – not a huge amount but things are slowing.

Ever wondered about the “Terms of Service” agreements that we all accept on various websites and apps?  Well, I stumbled across this site (Terms of Service – Didn’t Read) while doing some research and found it to be quite good.  It takes the terms of service for many websites and summarizes the key points to which you agree.  You can see in the image below the blue arrow on the left side.  Just type the website you want to learn about into the search bar by the arrow and it will pull up some information.

On a final note, congratulations to Queen Elizabeth II on her platinum jubilee.  Whatever your feelings on the monarchy, I think we can all agree that she has carried herself with grace during her 70 years of service.