All things seem possible in May ~ Edmund Way Teale


Well, tax time is over which is always a nice feeling!  Spring is in full swing and it is nice to have some warmth and those light evenings once again.

A few weeks ago, the new First Home Savings Account was launched.  Most institutions do not yet have the account infrastructure set up but it will be coming shortly.  The basic premise of the FHSA is that it is an account (combining features of a TFSA and an RRSP) which can help people save funds (as a single or a couple) on a tax-free basis for use in purchasing a home.  There are a bunch of rules around this but if you know someone who is interested in learning more please contact me and I’ll send a PDF with some of the highlights.

As many of you know, I swim most days at local area beaches, usually Pt. Holmes or Kye Bay on the outside reef.  Lots of you have asked about what I see so I decided to make a YouTube channel on which I’m posting videos of seals, sea-lions, fish, birds and other things.  Feel free to check out the videos and if you wish you can subscribe for future postings.  Watch this short video to learn how to subscribe and turn on the notifications. The channel and information can be found at Swimming the Salish Sea.  Enjoy!

Here’s the puzzle for this month.  Every letter in the English alphabet has at least one example of being ‘silent’ in a word.  For example, ‘B’ is silent in numb, dumb, lamb, comb etc.  There is one exception.  What is it?  Click here to find the answer!


Michelyne, Terran and Ben