As many of you know, my parents are from Wales and today is St. David’s Day – the patron saint of Wales! For those of you unfamiliar with Wales it is home to daffodils, leeks and Corgi dogs; Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones. Dylan Thomas and Roald Dahl; close harmony singing, rugby, coal mining and castles!

Speaking of Wales, I generated the image above on a new AI (Artificial Intelligence) website named Stable Diffusion by typing in daffodils, Wales, scenery. The AI created this new 100% original image for me! Try it out – amazing technology! We are researching AI investment options for some client portfolios but it will take some time to find suitable ideas.

It’s tough to keep up with researching new investment options. Developments are happening at a breakneck pace whether it’s AI, genomics, hydrogen and/or fusion power – the speed is phenomenal. I just was reading a BBC article about a company which is going to re-create mammoths in Jurassic Park fashion – what next!!

In office news, the results of the recent client survey are in and we’re collating the results. We will have a summary report out to you by mid-March. Terran is going to handle personal tax returns once again this year so if you are interested in this service, please contact him directly:

Finally, check out this little language puzzle from Braingle. The blanks in the following sentences can be filled in with three different homonyms (words that are spelled differently but sound alike) to make coherent sentences. Can you fill in the blanks?

  1. The cut on his _____ won’t _____ in time for the race, so _____ have to drop out.
  2. The man was so upset about being _____ that he regularly _____ himself up on the bed and _____ his eyes out.
  3. I couldn’t _____ any of the _____ in the flower shop, because for some strange reason I had 50 _____ crammed up my nose.
  4. A bloodthirsty pirate will wander the _____ and essentially _____ everything he _____.

Enjoy March and we’ll be in touch!


Michelyne, Terran and Ben